Q: How long will it take for to receive my order?

A: There will be a two day processing time on all orders from the date of purchase (24 – 48 hours).  Allow up to 3-7 days to receive your order depending on the shipping method and destinations.


Q: Can I ship to another address other than the billing address?

A: Yes.  As long as the shipped to address is in the continental United States.


Q: Can orders be shipped outside the United States?

A: No. Sorry, we do not ship anywhere else at this time. We ship anywhere in the continental United States. 


Q: What if I receive my order and it’s damaged?

A: Please read our Return/Exchange Policy for damaged order due to shipping.



Payment Processing:

Q: Can I pay using my debit card?

A: Yes.  We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 


Q: Will I receive a confirmation of my order after payment?

A: Yes.  Confirmation of your order will automatically be sent to your email.




Privacy/ Policies

Q: Do you share my information to other marketing companies?

A: No.  Your privacy is very important to us.  We will not share or sell your information to anyone.  Please see Privacy Policy



Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Yes.  Orders in most cases can be canceled as long as the order has not shipped.  

 Note: Please contact customer service by phone or email to complete this process.


Q: Will a full refund be issued on canceled orders?

A: Yes.  A full refund will be issued.  If you paid for your order by credit/debit card, a credit will be issued and will appear on your billing statement.  Allow 3-4 weeks for processing.  You’ll receive an email confirmation of the order cancellation.


Q: What if I call to cancel and my order has already shipped out?

A: The order is shipped and cannot be canceled.  Once the order is received; follow the procedure for returns/exchange if you choose to return any ordered items.  There will be a 14% restocking fee charge on returned merchandise; except for items damaged during shipping, defective, or incorrect. See Return/Exchange Policy.





Q: What is a restocking fee and why am I penalized 14% for it?

A: The purpose of a Restocking Fee is to compensate a shop owner for any
reasonable costs incurred in returning an item to inventory such as checking and
verifying condition of the returned item, correcting stock and accounting

Because of the significant costs that are incurred when jewelry is returned, without the small restocking fee we would have to increase our prices all though we expect few returns/exchanges.

If you have any additional questions; please feel free to contact us at 972-863-2159 or goldencedesigns-jewelry@yahoo.com.

Thank you.